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The "lazy worm" of the ocean - Barnacles

by Mr.Knowledgeable 17 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Introduction: Barnacles, often referred to as the "lazy worms" of the ocean, may seem unassuming, but these curious crustaceans have a lifestyle that defies the typical hustle and bustle of marine existence. In this exploration, we'll uncover the intriguing habits of barnacles and why they earn the title of the "lazy worms" of the sea.

      What is this? If you think it's a shell, you're wrong. They're called barnacles. They're crustaceans. In other words, they are more closely related to shrimp and crabs than to shellfish!

        They're lazy people who don't like activities, so they're used to hitchhiking! These small creatures like to attach themselves to other objects or organisms in the sea, such as whales, large crustaceans, rocks, ships, etc., and intercept the organic debris in the current to feed.

        A cruel barnacle that sows itself into the skin of a whale. The edges of the whale's head, pectoral fins and tail fins are favored by barnacles.
The attachment of barnacles on ships increases the resistance of navigation, makes ships consume more fuel, and causes a great burden on human navigation. Guys like this are called "filth creatures." Every year, the world spends a fortune to remove barnacles!
However, it should also be explained that the barnacle baby is still quite lively, to live a period of free floating life, not like growing up so lazy oh!
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