Nature Aquarium Style

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On a daily basis, we categorize and classify everything, such as music genres and clothing styles. Aquariums have their divisions as well. Among us, as in every area of life, there are proponents of this grouping, and those who think that aquariums are just ...... aquariums.

It all started with the nature aquarium ......

Nature Aquarium is a trend in the art of arranging planted aquariums. It was started by Japanese photographer Takashi Amano, a figure probably known to most aquarists. It was the natural aquarium that gave rise to the four main styles still in use today: rock group, dragonwood, mizuno and rag.

But before we move on to the divisions, some introductory information about arranging natural aquariums.

The purpose of this branch of aquaristics is not to create the best biome conditions for aquatic animals. The first violins in such arrangements are played by carefully selected plants in very good condition as well as roots and rocks. However, fish and other organisms (e.g. shrimps) are important additions to the natural aquarium. They give "life" and vitality to the arrangement.

There are three basic types of arrangements:

- Convex arrangement: The tallest plants are planted in the central part of the reservoir. Lowering plants on the side and front walls. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest type of arrangement to use. Easy access to windows for cleaning, filter inlet/outlet.魚缸造景問題- Mobile01

-Concave Arrangement: the lowest point of the concave arrangement is theoretically in the central part of the tank. We plant tall stemmed plants on both sides.分享一下美丽的草缸!#鱼缸造景##造景##观赏鱼#_看图_水草造景吧_百度贴吧

-Triangular landscape: an interesting arrangement. If we integrate it correctly into our apartment, it will be very effective. For example, an aquarium in the corner of a room. The tallest plants are planted on the left or right side of the wall. On the other side, the plants are the lowest (lawn). It is very good to supplement this arrangement with roots of planted moss.ADA - NATURE AQUARIUM - 从零开始的自然水族造景

Basic tips for beginners:

-Background. Non-colored wallpaper depicting the sea floor. Only the most common black foil or "fog" foil. Such a background provides the best contrast with the green color of the plants.

- The arrangement should be well thought out and not created quickly in 30 minutes. You really need a lot of experience to do this kind of exercise.

- The substrate in the background should be twice as large as the front of the aquarium

- Use only one type of rock and roots.

- If you create a "beach", you can reliably separate the sand from the rest of the substrate. Otherwise, the beach will inevitably mix with the ground and will not be visually appealing.

- Vegetation should be carefully planned. Do not forget that some fast-growing species can "choke out" slow-growing species.

- A "million" species in a small glass usually ends up as a pale fad rather than a good arrangement.

- Good filtration and the right amount of CO2 from the cylinder is very important.

- Straight lines and even stones should be avoided. It is important to vary the height of the attachment as much as possible.

- Plants should be started with the lowest species.

- Use as many plants as possible at start-up.

- Do not stick thermometer suction cups to the windshield.

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Iwagumi is the oldest style, derived from the art of creating Japanese rock gardens. Only rocks were used to create this type of arrangement. They should be the main attraction. In this style, it is worth following the principle of the "middle way". It says that the ratio of the main striking element to the distance from the sides of the aquarium should be 1:1.618. To find this out, simply divide the length of the aquarium by 2.618. It is worth noting that for the composition of the rock grouping it is recommended to use an odd number of boulders, while an even number of them makes the arrangement symmetrical (and therefore disturbs the natural arrangement of the rocks).

To grow this type of assemblage, lawn plants (Hemianthus callitrichoides, Glossostigma elatinoides, Eleocharis parvula, Micranthemum Monte Carlo) are mainly used. Sometimes the rock group can also find a visible third plant - tall plants (mainly all Rotala species).29 个Aquascaping Iwagumi 点子| 水族造景, 造景, 鱼缸

Dragon cypress

In contrast to the Ryukyu style of rock groups, both wood roots and stones can be used. This is the most common way of arranging a natural aquarium, because theoretically it offers unlimited possibilities for creating various arrangements. Ideal for mapping out forest landscapes. At Ryuboku, we can use almost any kind of aquatic plant, from lawn plants (foreground) to tall plants (third plan).

Water Section

It can be said to be a continuation of the Ryuboku style. However, in Mizube, the decorative materials, including plants, extend beyond the water surface. The combination of styles in the Mizube can only be done in an "open" tank.


The youngest of the four styles. Unlike the others, there are not many rules to follow. In this style we use a lot of rocks to accurately reproduce a mountainous landscape - e.g. a hillside with dense vegetation, mainly meadows.

You can create aquariums in a specific style and adhere strictly to someone's pre-established guidelines. You can also create work in your own unique and never-before-seen style. The most important thing is that the arrangement you make stands out to you and gives you pleasure.








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