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Why do plants in fish tanks spew photosynthesis bubbles?

by Mr.Knowledgeable 27 Nov 2023 0 commentaires

This post will explore three questions with you:
1、Why do plants in a fish tank spit bubbles?
2、What plants can produce photosynthesis in a fish tank?
3、Is there any relationship between photosynthesis of plants in aquariums and          aquarium lights?

一、Why do plants in a fish tank spit bubbles?

     In an aquarium, the phenomenon of aquatic plants releasing bubbles is typically a result of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants utilize sunlight to synthesize organic substances, with oxygen being a byproduct. In water, these oxygen bubbles are released from the leaves of the plants, creating the bubble-emitting phenomenon.

      This occurrence is a normal expression of the physiological process in aquatic plants, and the released oxygen is beneficial for the fish and other organisms in the aquarium. Oxygen is a crucial substance for the respiration of aquatic organisms, and the oxygen generated through photosynthesis helps maintain a healthy aquatic environment.

Therefore, when you observe aquatic plants releasing bubbles in the aquarium, it can be understood as the plants undergoing photosynthesis, indicating that the water quality is in a favorable condition.

二、What plants can produce photosynthesis in a fish tank?

1、Aquatic Grass (Submerged Plants): Aquatic grass, including various varieties such as water onion, water sprite, and aquatic algae, is commonly found in aquariums. They undergo photosynthesis using chlorophyll, absorbing carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen.草缸超級難養的噴泉太陽水草,新手看完也可以養出好狀態- 每日頭條
2、Fern-Like Aquatic Plants: Fern-like aquatic plants, such as water ferns and water fern algae, are floating plants suitable for placement in aquariums. They conduct photosynthesis through their leaf surfaces, contributing to an increase in oxygen levels in the water.关于如何养好蕨类水草- 泡泡水族

3、Algae Plants: Algae are widespread aquatic plants, and some species can undergo photosynthesis under well-lit conditions. However, it is important to note that excessive algae growth can lead to water quality issues, requiring proper management.如何处理鱼缸里的藻类? - 知乎

三、Is there any relationship between photosynthesis of plants in aquariums and          aquarium lights?

In the aquarium, the growth of aquatic plants and their ability to undergo photosynthesis are directly influenced by the intensity of light. The presence of aquarium lights is essential to provide sufficient illumination, enabling plants to carry out photosynthesis. The following outlines the relationship between photosynthesis and aquarium lights:

  • 1、Light Energy Requirements for Photosynthesis: Aquatic plants require an appropriate intensity of light for photosynthesis. Aquarium lights generate light that simulates the spectrum of sunlight, providing the necessary light energy for plants to undergo photosynthesis.
  • 2、Control of Photoperiod: The occurrence of photosynthesis is also dependent on the duration of light exposure. The use of aquarium lights allows for the control of the photoperiod in the aquarium, mimicking the natural changes between day and night. This enables plants to undergo photosynthesis during the appropriate times.
  • Providing Suitable Lighting Conditions: Different types of aquatic plants have varying light requirements. Some plants may necessitate intense lighting, while others can adapt to lower light conditions. The selection and arrangement of aquarium lights can be adjusted based on the specific light requirements of the plants.led aquarium light
Therefore, appropriate aquarium lights are a crucial factor in ensuring that aquatic plants can undergo photosynthesis. When maintaining an aquarium, understanding the light requirements of plants and providing corresponding aquarium lights not only promotes plant growth but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium. Additionally, it contributes to maintaining a balanced water quality.
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